The Righteous Gemstones Recap: The First Cut Is the Deepest
What exactly is Eli capable of? The truth is horrifying.
By Scott Tobias
The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Recap: We’re Walking a Razor’s Edge
The housewives “bond” as we head towards a “jaw-dropping bombshell.”
By Olivia Crandall
Clean Room As Classroom: MIT’s Hands-On Introduction to Nanotechnology
Undergraduate classes provide hands-on introduction to nanotechnology and nanoengineering at MIT.nano. MIT undergraduates are using labs at MIT.nano to tinker at the nanoscale, exploring spectrometry,…
Eliminating Lenses: Ghost Imaging Speeds Up X-Ray Fluorescence Chemical Mapping
By eliminating lenses, this advance could benefit a host of applications, including medical imaging, industrial inspection, and art analysis. Researchers have developed a new, focus-free…
First Nano-Sized Molecular Device Capable of Sensing and Altering Cells’ Bioelectric Fields
Using Only 100 Atoms, Electric Fields Can Be Detected and Changed USC Viterbi researchers create first nano-sized, molecular device potentially capable of sensing and altering…
MIT’s New Tool for Tackling Hard Computational Problems
David Gamarnik has developed a new tool, the Overlap Gap Property, for understanding computational problems that appear intractable. The notion that some computational problems in…
Power Book II: Ghost Recap: No Loose Ends
Arguments and hard lessons galore.
By Kyesha Jennings
All Creatures Great and Small Recap: The Daffodil Ball
A magnificent cow and a cantankerous pig!
By Alice Burton
Euphoria Recap: That Was Awkward
Euphoria is juggling not one but two love triangles simultaneously.
By Iana Murray
The Real Housewives of Miami Recap: Penthouse Pets
Alexia. Girl. Just elope.
By Brian Moylan
RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Jorgeous Jorgeous Girls Love Drag
Another premiere, another talent show, another front-runner.
By Paul McCallion
Saturday Night Live Recap: Ariana DeBose Gives the Season a Jolt
Ariana DeBose has tremendous chemistry with the cast and gives one of the season’s best performances.
By Alexis Pereira
Measuring Trust in Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Researchers find public trust in AI varies greatly depending on the application. Prompted by the increasing prominence of artificial intelligence (AI) in society, University of…
Station Eleven Series-Finale Recap: The Path Things Take
Despite the decades of trauma and grudges, the show must go on. Because even in a post-apocalyptic world, stories are solace.
By Amanda Whiting
Science Fiction Revisited: Ramjet Propulsion for Interstellar Space Travel
Since the 1960s, there has been speculation about a hypothetical propulsion method for interstellar space travel. Calculations at TU Wien (Vienna) show: it will remain…
Helping Next-Generation 5G Cell Technology See Past the Trees
Measurements of trees’ impact on 5G transmissions could prove vital to using a new class of signal. As 5G technology gets fully implemented over the…
Making Next Generation Quantum Computers Even More Powerful
Engineers at EPFL have developed a method for reading several qubits – the smallest unit of quantum data – at the same time. Their method…
Magnetic Surprise Revealed in “Magic-Angle” Graphene – Potential Quantum Computing Applications
Magnets and superconductors don’t normally get along, but a new study shows that ‘magic-angle’ graphene is capable of producing both superconductivity and ferromagnetism, which could…
And Just Like That … Recap: Glimmer of Hope
Carrie gets back in the dating game … with disastrous results.
By Maggie Fremont
Self-Healing Nanomaterials: Self-Repairing Electronics Are on the Way
Self-healing nanomaterials usable in solar panels and other electronic devices are being explored at the Technion. From the Terminator to Spiderman’s suit, self-repairing robots and…